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10.5.2 Fixes the Jumpy Mouse Issue

One of the noticeable fixes in 10.5.2 is that the Jumpy Mouse Problem that I wrote previously about is finally gone!

This one always happened while the MacBook Pro was searching for a wireless network. Sometimes the mouse would stay jumpy, even after finding and connecting to a wireless network. Only a reboot would get rid of the erratic pointer behavior.

So this one is finally fixed. And it makes the Lame Leopard very happy!

My only complaint is that it took four months for them to fix this one even though people have been reporting this issue since the day 10.5.0 came out.


Involuntary Reboot #4 – Trackpad Issues Again

Fourth time. I open my MacBook Pro to wake it up. Mouse behaves erratically like it is on crack. Same symptoms as before.

I let my MacBook Pro sleep and then wake it up. Hope that the problem is gone. It got worse: both the keyboard and trackpad are not working now.

After connecting an external keyboard I was able to get this from the system log:

AppleUSBHub::setPowerState(0x68fd800, 2 -> 4) timed out after 10617 ms
USBF:	305518.599	AppleUSBUHCI[0x660f000]::DeviceRequest
   - dmaCommand (0x690c500) already had memory
      descriptor (0xebfb080) - clearing
USBF:	305518.599	AppleUSBUHCI[0x660f000]::DeviceRequest
   - buffer dmaCommand (0x690c300) already had memory
      descriptor (0xecd8900) - clearing
USBF:	305518.599	ControlTransaction: control packet
   1 error 0xe0004057

Maybe some smarties in Cupertino should fix this. It looks like a software problem.

Leopard is like Windows. A reboot each day. So incredibly lame.

Involuntary Reboot #3 – Trackpad Issues

I just had to reboot my MacBook Pro because the trackpad started to act all weird after waking from sleep. Like I described here.

This is a brand new MacBook Pro, which had it’s main logic board replaced two days ago as a result f completely failing keyboard and trackpad.

I’m running OS X 10.5.1 and I did a clean install and then transferred my home directory. I have NO weird software installed that could mess with USB related things.

Leopard has some SERIOUS issues with this hardware.

The problem is, I simply don’t trust my Mac anymore. I expect it to stop working any minute. Which is not really good if you do all your professional work on that machine.

In other words. I’ve lost confidence in OS X and the MacBook Pro. Very sad.