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Permission Denied on Coding Headstarts

Bugs and screw-ups are unfortunately not limited to just Leopard. It seems Apple’s developer web site team is competing with the OS team.

Here’s why.

On the developer site there are a bunch of Coding Headstarts available. These are short tutorials for some new API functionality available in Leopard. They come with a completely useless video and a more useful written tutorial and sample code.

Yesterday Apple send out an email to announce a bunch of new Coding Headstarts. These can all be found on the before-mentioned web page. Unfortunately all the download links for the Headstart archive (with the sample code and tutorial) result in a big fat Permission Denied error.

It seems that the complete lack of testing is not limited to just Leopard. They just announced broken links to tens of thousands developers through that email. I just don’t understand this. Why does nobody take two minutes to actually test this?

Quality goes down in all departments. It’s beyond lame.