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Terminal Tabs and Changing Font Sizes

I love the tabs in Leopard’s It is a feature that I use all the time. There is one very annoying bug in it though.

When you open a window and create two tabs in it, there is no way to change the font size anymore in a sensible way.

Just try it: create a new window (Command-N), then create a new tab (Command-T). Switch back to the first tab. Now make the font size bigger by pressing Command-+ a couple of times. The font size increases and the window grows to accomodate that. Good. Now go to the second tab. Surprise! The font size is still the same. Try to increase it with Command-+. Again the whole window grows, not useful. Not tested. In other words, lame.


Update: Opening URLs in Terminal – Twice!

A kind reader pointed me to the new way of opening URLs in Control-Click on a URL and you get a popup menu with the option to open the URL.

Here it looks like this. I swear I did not Photoshop this!


And yes, both menu items work.

PS: I know that shift-command-click also works

Command clicking URLs in

You cannot command click on URLs in anymore. In Tiger this would open the link in your default web browser. In Leopard nothing happens. Lame.