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A slightly different black screen of death

I just opened my Unibody MacBook Pro and I was greeted with a Black Screen of Death with slightly different behaviour. This time caps-lock seems to be responsive. And when I use the keyboard I hear a beep. No login dialog though, not even after closing and opening the lid a couple of times.

Only fix: reboot. I lost work. Some of the files that I was working on are now corrupt.



Broken Windows File Sharing Logging

My iMac with OS X 10.5.1 just ran out of disk space. about 100 GB of space was missing in action.

After some command line magic I found it back:

# ls -lh /var/log/samba
total 205596456
drwx------  4 root  wheel   136B Oct 27 19:25 cores
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel    18K Dec  1 18:23 log.nmbd
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel    98G Dec  2 10:49 log.smbd

Wow. Almost 100GB log file for Samba, which is used for Windows File Sharing.

This log is filled with 584.807.562 entries that say:

open_sockets_smbd: accept: Too many open files in system

It seems Apple forgot to:

  • Properly test Samba (Windows File Sharing) – This iMac is mostly sitting idle on my Desk at the moment, so I have no how too many files can be open. I don’t even have any samba clients connected to this Mac!
  • Properly rotate the log files – The first entry was from a week ago. Why are these log files not rotated like the rest in /var/log? Seems they missed the smb logs.

Lame. Not tested well enough. Feels like beta software.

Back to my Mac – Through a Microsoft protocol?

I’ve been trying to get Back to my Mac up and running. There is no way to tune or configure anything, so when I say trying I really mean restarting Macs, killing the Finder, lame stuff like that.

In all my tries last night I have been able to see my iMac on my MacBook just once. And I was even able to drag files to my public drop folder! Unfortunately things went downhill from there. I do see the iMac in the MacBook’s Finder but all connections to it fail.

Well, connections made through Back to my Mac fail. Direct connections, by just doing a ‘Connect to Server…’ from the Finder and typing things like vnc://my.public.ip.address or afp://my.public.ip.address work blazingly fast and well as they always did.

So it is certainly not a network issue between the MacBook and the iMac. How could it be, they are basically on the same network anyway, with just an Airport Express in between them.

I did find out that Back to my Mac works with IPsec. To be more specific, IPsec encapsulated in UDP over port 4500. Which /etc/services amusingly lists as ‘Microsoft IPsec NAT-T’. Maybe that is the problem here.

7:04:22 ~ % grep 4500 /etc/services 
ipsec-msft      4500/udp    # Microsoft IPsec NAT-T
ipsec-msft      4500/tcp    # Microsoft IPsec NAT-T

This just does not sound very hopeful.


Where is Java 6???

Speaking of Java … all signs of Java 6 have dissapeared. It is not present in the default Lame Leopard install. Not included in the Developer Tools and also not available for download anymore on ADC.Again Apple leaves developers in the cold by not being able to release on time. Java 5 took ages, now the same thing seems to be happening with Java 6. It’s been a year since Java 6 went final for Windows, Linux and Solaris. You would think that leaves enough time for an Lame Leopard port. Lame.