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Safari 3.0 Annoyances

Here are my top two Safari 3.0 annoyances:

Switching tabs does not work when you are in a form text field.

This is weird because both Back (Command-[) and Select Previous Tab (Command-{) are enabled in the menu bar but only Back actually works if you are in a form field. If they are enabled in the menu bar then the key combos should also work right?

Searching in text boxes is not possible anymore.

I like the new search functionality in Safari 3.0 where the little search bar pops up and you can highlight words on the web page. There is one huge flaw though; if you are working in a text box, for example to write a blog article on WordPress, there is no way anymore to search in that text box. Find, Command-F, always does a global page search and it skips the contents of the form field you are working in. I guess nobody really tested that one.

Both lame.