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Kernel Panic while configuring IPv6

It seems that IPv6 is one of those other areas where Leopard does not really shine. I tried to configure the ‘gif0’ network interface to setup a 6-in-4 tunnel to an IPv6 tunnel broker and I was greeted with a kernel panic.

Here is the script that I executed:

ifconfig gif0 tunnel
ifconfig gif0 up
ifconfig gif0 inet6 some::ip::v6::address::1 prefixlen 128 alias
route add -inet6 some::ip::v6::address::1 -prefixlen some::ip::v6::address::2
route add -inet6 default some::ip::v6::address::1

Nothing special. Just basic stuff that should never ever result in a kernel panic.

Bye bye solid networking stack. Lame.


Leopard Kernel Panic #2

I was just reading something in Safari with Terminal and Transmit in the background. KABOOM. Kernel Panic.

It seems to have something to do with USB instabilities:

Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):>0x72afff>0x899fff>0x633fff

I don’t have any third-party kernel extensions installed, no strange software, no extra hardware. Lame.

Leopards also Kernel Panic

I just experienced my first Leopard kernel panic. I’m traveling with the Leopard and when I was checking in at the hotel (WOW THE VIEW OF THIS ROOM!) in I noticed that my bag was super hot. I took my Mac out .. it was still turned on, showing the oh so friendly multi-lingual kernel panic screen and COOKING .. it was STEAMING HOT and I actually burned my finger while holding the power button down to shut it off.

I guess some things never change. Sizzling Lame.