10.5.2 Fixes the Jumpy Mouse Issue

One of the noticeable fixes in 10.5.2 is that the Jumpy Mouse Problem that I wrote previously about is finally gone!

This one always happened while the MacBook Pro was searching for a wireless network. Sometimes the mouse would stay jumpy, even after finding and connecting to a wireless network. Only a reboot would get rid of the erratic pointer behavior.

So this one is finally fixed. And it makes the Lame Leopard very happy!

My only complaint is that it took four months for them to fix this one even though people have been reporting this issue since the day 10.5.0 came out.


2 comments so far

  1. Sandy Horvath on

    I have version 10.5.6 on my macbook pro and I was having jumping problems with my wireless mouse, so I turned it off and now I’m using a logitech ball mouse connected via USB. And, I am still having jumping problems. What do you or your contributors suggest I do? This drives me nuts.

  2. Rkane Knight on

    I’m on 10.5.7 and having the same issue. I’ve tried the original USB mouse, a Logitech Wireless, and an old Mac USB mouse. All having the same issues. I’ve even installed the OS again, and I’m debating installing from scratch ( *Cries* ) Not sure what the deal is. I have an iMac 24″ 3.06 IC2D 4Gb RAM. Latest edition

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