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iTunes can’t be hidden with option-click

I just noticed something odd: I frequently push applications invisible to the background by option clicking on the desktop or another app. That will activate the app you clicked in and hide all the current app’s windows.

For some reason this does not work anymore for iTunes. It just deactivates it’s window and switches to the other app.

Hmm. Command-H (Hide iTunes) also does not seem to work. Lame. They were probably too busy porting the iTMS to the iPhone.


One last Spaces vs iTunes rant

I’m ripping CDs. I have a whole pile on my desk right now and I’m feeding them to iTunes one by one. I have iTunes configured to rip CDs that are inserted, then eject them. So while I am working on some other stuff in another application and space I can just work through the pile.

Not exactly.

Spaces is broken in one more interesting way. This is what happens. I’m working in a Terminal window in a different space. When iTunes is done ripping one CD and I insert another one, while still being on my Terminal Space, it AUTOMATICALLY switches back to the iTunes Space!

How on earth can they decide that applications can mess with the Spaces system. If an application needs attention then it can bounce it’s dock icon. But changing spaces .. that completely frags up the user experience.

Maybe this is more an iTunes rant actually. I just disabled spaces and guess what .. iTunes makes itself the frontmost application when you insert a new CD. So much for a nice ‘rip 150 CDs in the background while working on other stuff’ workflow.