Involuntary Reboot #4 – Trackpad Issues Again

Fourth time. I open my MacBook Pro to wake it up. Mouse behaves erratically like it is on crack. Same symptoms as before.

I let my MacBook Pro sleep and then wake it up. Hope that the problem is gone. It got worse: both the keyboard and trackpad are not working now.

After connecting an external keyboard I was able to get this from the system log:

AppleUSBHub::setPowerState(0x68fd800, 2 -> 4) timed out after 10617 ms
USBF:	305518.599	AppleUSBUHCI[0x660f000]::DeviceRequest
   - dmaCommand (0x690c500) already had memory
      descriptor (0xebfb080) - clearing
USBF:	305518.599	AppleUSBUHCI[0x660f000]::DeviceRequest
   - buffer dmaCommand (0x690c300) already had memory
      descriptor (0xecd8900) - clearing
USBF:	305518.599	ControlTransaction: control packet
   1 error 0xe0004057

Maybe some smarties in Cupertino should fix this. It looks like a software problem.

Leopard is like Windows. A reboot each day. So incredibly lame.


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  1. Michael on

    I have similar issues — go to sleep, wake up with a sluggish and erratic mouse — sometimes the keyboard stops accepting input also. CPU is idle, and syslog has a few “recovering from missed interrupt” errors.

    The sluggish mouse issue seems to frequently if Front Row is used, too…

    I hope my recent switch from a long term FreeBSD user doesn’t end up driving me insane.

    Time to reboot so I can regain some cursor accuracy 😦

  2. Todd Marimon on

    I have similar issues, too. I haven’t narrowed a cause yet, but it’s happened 3 times for me so far. Never happened in Tiger. The cursor will either not work for a while, or it’ll work fine for about 5 seconds, or it will hug the edges of the screen. All of these things happen when this happens. As you tried… sleeping again and waking will not help. Only thing that seems to fix it is a reboot, which I hate because I leave a lot of things open a lot.

    I’m going to report it to apple.

  3. Todd Marimon on

    Oh yeah, I’ve narrowed it down to putting the computer to sleep with the AirPort Wireless on. I find that if I try to remember to turn it off before I put the laptop to sleep, it is a lot less likely to have issues such as the trackpad weirdness when it wakes up. That’s the only fix I’ve got so far :-/

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