A slightly different black screen of death

I just opened my Unibody MacBook Pro and I was greeted with a Black Screen of Death with slightly different behaviour. This time caps-lock seems to be responsive. And when I use the keyboard I hear a beep. No login dialog though, not even after closing and opening the lid a couple of times.

Only fix: reboot. I lost work. Some of the files that I was working on are now corrupt.



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  1. yoshi on

    You didn’t need to reboot. Just close the lid, wait for it to hit sleep mode again and try again. No work lost.

    Your machine was not dead. Lame comment.

  2. thelameleopard on

    I did close the lid. And I did wait for the Mac to sleep again. Not once but twice. With no effect.

  3. Angela on

    This same thing happened to my 24-hour-old Macbook. Black screen, completely unresponsive, fan running. Called support and they had me remove the battery, hold down the power button….yadda yadda…and as soon as I reinsert the battery, the fan starts up. Took it to the Apple store and am now waiting for the diagnosis. VERY disappointed. Been a faithful Mac user since ’84. I’ll let you know what happens and I’ll keep your blog bookmarked for further updates.

  4. Kenny on

    I take it I should wait before upgrading my MacBookPro2,2 to a new unibody MacBook Pro.

  5. Angela on

    Just got a call from Apple. They’re replacing my Macbook. Should have it by the weekend. Yay! I hated the thought of having a brand new repaired laptop.

  6. Wox on

    I was using file vault. Never heard of the “sleep of death”. When my Unibody went to sleep it never woke up again. I had to do a power down and ‘hard’ reset. Due to file fault my whole disk got corrupted, lost ALL my work and the disk was beyond repair. I called appel support and they were sorry. Their advice ‘Don’t turn on file vault’.

  7. sc on


    My MacBookPro5,1 (Unibody) is doing just fine on all accounts. It was manufactured in mid-November. Most of the machines I’ve encountered at this point and beyond are free of the major Rev. A type problems.

    Also, the next revision of the MBP will likely have the identifier MacBookPro5,2.

  8. cv on

    If you really don’t like Apple’s use of proprietary mini-display port nonsense and Leopard’s sleep problems that go unfixed. Why not just get rid of it and don’t buy Apple

  9. thelameleopard on

    Dear CV. You speak like a true fanboy.

    Is this how you approach problems? Run away? Switch to something else? I do not. I report issues to Apple. I make noise. I talk to people. I post things here. These problems are real and not just happening for me. There are many folks with the same issues.

    I hope that with all this noise these issues will be more noticable for Apple. So that they actually do something about them. Running away is not an option. You might want to try it sometimes.

  10. YOUR A RETARD on

    Your a bunch of dumbass assholes who live with your mothers and jack off to gay porn. Windows and Linux suck BALLS and your to self-conceded to see it. You snobby pricks should go fuck yourselves, I mean if you’ve got enough time to make a site like this then you need to get a job and then maybe you can afford a Mac and not be such a hating bunch of dickheads. I mean honestly you guys are retarded and biased. O and btw I posted this on a Mac so SUCK MY DICK YOU FAGGOT!!!

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