The black screen of death

Earlier today I worked a bit on my new Unibody MacBook Pro in the living room. Then I simply closed the lid and put it away. The power led was showing it’s happy heartbeat.

A few minutes ago I walked back to the home office with my Unibody MacBook Pro and opened it up. I hear the DVD drive making it’s regular bzzz bzz sound and then … Black Screen of Death. I can hear the fan spinning but everything else is dead. Cap-lock does not work. No pointer on the screen. The power led is off.

Closing the lid does not seem to do anything. Except for making the white power led turn on. Waiting does not do anything. It has crashed and there is no way to wake it up. This gorgeous but otherwise totally unusable Unibody MacBook Pro.

Only a hard reboot gives me back a usable Unibody MacBook Pro. I lose my complete workspace. Open applications and documents.

Never ever will I buy a first version of Apple hardware. It was very unfortunate that I had to this time. Bad timing. In the future I will wait for the next model when they iron out all the bugs.

If you are considering buying a new Unibody MacBook Pro. Don’t. It is FULL of bugs. Not just simple software issues. Complex hardware problems that cause overheating, sleep/wake problems and hard crashes. Just wait until the next revision is available.



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