The beep you don’t want to hear

My Unibody MacBook Pro was sitting idle in the home office when I suddenly heard that dreadful beep that you also get when you do a firmware upgrade. The totally non-Mac-like, more PC-sounding BEEEEEEEEEEP.

So it seems my Mac crashed or so. It was crazy hot and the screen dark. Fan running. Not responding to anything.

The only thing that it was running while being idle was the Arabesque screen saver on both the external and built-in monitor.

Does this mean that I have a failing Unibody MacBook Pro as described by the Inquirer recently?

Could it be that running this simple screen saver overheated the problematic NVidia GPU in the Unibody MacBook Pro and that it automatically shutdown?

This sure is lame version 1.0 hardware.


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  1. Andre M on

    The issue you talk about is either on or off. Meaning you get the computer and it has the issue or you get the computer and it doesnt.

    Running the screen saver doesnt do ANYTHIGN to the GPU, especially not one this powerful.

    Was the mac well ventilated? Have you run all available software updates?

    Try testing the machine by playing a graphic intensive game or app. There is a widget called “paintball paradise” which uses the computers GPU heavily and is free (and fun)


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