Nothing but sleep/wake problems with the new Unibody MacBook Pro

Unfortunately I have nothing but sleep and wake problems with my brand new Unibook MacBook Pro.

Before anyone asks: Yes, I did install the latest 1.6 firmware update.

The latest incident:

I just unplugged my MBP from my external screen and the power. I did not close the lid first. What I do is that I wait for the menu bar to move from the external screen to the MBP screen. Then I close the lid. I moved to another room and opened it. No problem and I worked on it for a bit. Then I closed it and made a coffee. Now I’m back and open the MBP and the screen stays dark. The white power led did turn off. There is no way to get the screen back on.

Only a reboot works. I lose my workspace and some open files. Lame. What is this? Some Wintel piece of crap?

For the record: I run no strange software on this Mac. This is my main development machine and I depend on it daily. So I do my best to keep it as standard as possible. It’s a default 10.5.5 install with the most non-standard thing on it being LaunchBar.

This is getting so annoying that I am now thinking about selling this Unibody MacBook Pro and getting the previous model. This is pretty much an unworkable situation for someone like me who moves around a lot.



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  1. sriram on

    I have an earlier version of Macbook Pro and it has exactly the same issues. A web search shows that this is quite a widespread issue in Leopard. Like you, I’m thoroughly pained.

  2. Chunder on

    I had this same problem, and seem to have fixed it by disabling the sleep-to-disk mode of hibernation. This means if my battery dies while sleeping, the machine crashes. But that never happens to me. On the other hand, the leopard bug was happening to me many times per week.

    Here’s some instructions on how to change that setting from the terminal:

  3. Phish on

    So Apple have a limited product range and can’t even get sleep/hibernation working on that? I can certainly see why you’d pay a premium for a fruity machine that “just works”. Try Vista, no hibernation/sleep problems on any of the three laptops and the desktop I use it on. Also, the machines are cheaper and will outrun any comparably priced fruitbox you care to run against them.

  4. bkev on

    RE: Phish
    I wouldn’t be so quick to say “Vista’s awesome…Mac’s suck”. I’ve got a 15″ MacBook Unibody that’s been absolutely zero problems and several Vista machines that have been nothing but problems (particularly pre-SP1…they’re a little more stable now that drivers have matured…but only a little). Fresh out of the gate hardware/software combinations frequently have issues…the manufacturer is irrelevant. Stop being such a fanboy.

  5. Miko Miguel on

    yes it has a product range…not only apple….some other related products seems to be engaging in the same problem

  6. Rachel on

    I have to grin a little as I read this on my dependable little HP Windows XP laptop.
    Good luck getting the problems worked out. Macs are really fantastic when they work correctly.

  7. yoshi on

    Problems occur on either platform. My 1 year old Dell running XP, my 1.5 year MacBook Pro and 2 month old Unibody MacBook have worked flawlessly with only minor issues. All I am seeing on this site is anecdotal evidence and nothing to indicate wide spread problems with either Windows or Mac OS based PCs.

    Isn’t it time you grew past religious wars?

  8. Hez on

    I’m having this issue but it appears to revolve around the piece letting you switch video cards, but only happens when on the 9400M video card & use with external monitors.

    Next time it happens try opening laptop back up & going to system preferences. Try changing to the 9600. It may take a long time to actually get back to the login screen but once you login go back to power settings & you’ll notice it will still have the warning message that you must logout for it to take effect.

    I reported it to Apple & they said it is an issue they are looking into. Hopefully 10.5.7 will fix it (pretty sure it is an issue with the nvidia drivers that allow switching between graphics).

    I’ll note that this issue has not cropped up with our MacBooks, my guess being because they don’t have the piece that allows switching video cards.

  9. Dan Warne on

    Interesting tip about the graphics card switching being the cause of the problem Hez. I do use my MacBook Pro with an external monitor at work, so I fit your suggested profile.

  10. YOUR A RETARD on

    Your a bunch of dumbass assholes who live with your mothers and jack off to gay porn. Windows and Linux suck BALLS and your to self-conceded to see it. You snobby pricks should go fuck yourselves, I mean if you’ve got enough time to make a site like this then you need to get a job and then maybe you can afford a Mac and not be such a hating bunch of dickheads. I mean honestly you guys are retarded and biased. O and btw I posted this on a Mac so SUCK MY DICK YOU FAGGOT!!!

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