Unibody MacBook Pro and Screen Flicker

I discovered something new and annoying recently: my external screen, attached to the new Unibody MBP, flickers sometimes. Not constantly though, its more like the whole screen does a super quick off/on every couple of minutes. Could this be a first sign of the video controller failing? Or maybe these are DisplayPort problems? Has anyone else seen this?


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  1. Xane on

    You know, I found this site by doing a random search on google. I have the new Aluminum MacBook, and I’ve had no problems at all, not even with Sleep/Wake, either on the iBook G4.

    The screen Flicker is an small issue due to drivers and setup, however I believe apple issued an update a few days ago, Did you downloaded it ?

  2. JB on

    I have a unibody MBP and it’s own screen will flicker just as described above with the external screen. i see there is an update that adresses sleep/wake and so i’m hoping this will solve the problem. i even took it to the mac store and the genius bar guy stared at for 15 minutes and it wouldn’t do it. hope this helps others who are having the problem. wish i had a solution. i’ll post again if this firmware update helps.

  3. Adam on

    I’ve been experiencing the same problem. It is VERY VERY frustrating. I am up to date on everything. Happens without external monitor (I haven’t noticed it with my external plugged in).

  4. ninja.paolo on

    Yeah, I’m getting the same thing on my LG w2241t with my non-pro macbook. At 1680*1050 and 59.9 hertz (mind you that could be it, the display is rated at 60 hertz, maybe that’s causing the problem… but I can’t choose any other rate in os x). I have everything up to date btw.

    Are you getting the same problem with both the videocards in your macbook pro ?

    I’m only getting the problem with my external monitor.

  5. Joanand Kuharajasekaram on

    Hey, I have the same problem: Display goes off and on on a random basis. I think it might be the graphic cards switching on and off to save power?

  6. erick on

    just came across this after being prompted to do a google search for this issue. i’ve had my unibody macbook pro 2.4ghz for 3 weeks and have noticed this to be severe and annoying issue while scrolling a Facebook page or watching a vid on youtube.
    this is an issue on the actual laptop screen and i’m also noticing issues with how text loads on random webpages as well.
    i’ll be sure to set up a genius appointment for thursday as i’m quite concerned!!!!!

  7. Jon on

    If you have not already done so, make sure that you have the latest Firmware from Apple, http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/firmware_hardware/macbookproefifirmwareupdate16.html. Also, try resetting the SMC by unplugging, remove battery and hold power button for 30 seconds. More of an old wives tale but you can also reset the PRAM (CMD+OPT+R+P) during startup until you get 2 chimes.

  8. ATMB on

    Apple released a mini displayport to VGA firmware update…
    you can find it here:



  9. neonlite on

    Update worked until Snow Leopard.
    Screen keeps flickering at 1680×1050@60hz, any update for Snow Leopard?

  10. YOUR A RETARD on

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    • GI Goe on

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  11. Seriously? on

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