The New MacBook Pro is Full of Fail

Due to very unfortunate circumstances the Lame Leopard had to get a replacement for his good old Early 2007 MacBook Pro. So what did he get? A nice new Late 2008 MacBook Pro. The UniBody. All Hail Jonathan Ive.

To be honest, the UniBodyBookPro is seriously beautiful. It really is a very nice design and the new keyboard is just great.

Unfortunately the new MacBook Pro is also full of fail.

Here are a bunch of mostly annoying things that I have encountered in the first two weeks:

  • The Trackpad – It is loud and it misses clicks. Ok the missing clicks issue has been resolved with a recent patch. But really, it shows how less Q&A this whole MacBook has had. I noticed the missing clicks within the first 5 minutes. During the initial OS X install. Why did Apple not notice this before the damn thing was shipped. Maybe they thought it was an acceptable issue. Odd.
  • Sleep Problems – Leopard truly was a complete disaster with regard to sleep and wake. It seems with this New MacBook Pro we are back to square one. For example, I just noticed that my new MacBook Pro was still turned on in my Crumpler bag. It was hot as hell. I could barely touch it in the corner where the GPU or CPU lives. Why is this so difficult to get right? Why does it this break every time they introduce new hardware? Do we really have to wait another five Leopard releases again before sleep is going to properly work on the new MacBook Pro? Lame. Lame. Lame.
  • External Display Problems – So in the home office I have this nice 24″ Dell screen. It is awesome and when I bought it it was like half the price of a similar Apple screen. It worked great on the old MacBook Pro. On the New MacBook Pro the screen does not wake up properly from power-save mode. I frequently have to either reboot the New MacBook Pro, sleep/wake the New Macbook Pro or disconnect/connect the screen to get it out of the power-save mode. This is sooo annoying
  • Audio Input Problems – Many times when I plug in a headphone or external speakers, the New MacBook Pro does not recognize this and will happily continue to play audio on the built-in speakers. The problem goes away when I plug the speakers in again. I’m not sure if this is because of bad quality plugs. But I know for sure that I never had this issue with the Old MacBook Pro.
  • Mini Proprietary DisplayPort – The Old MacBook Pro had a completely standard DVI port and it did not require any special cables to hook it up to video equipment. With the new MacBook Pro Apple broke this good habit and fragged it up by introducing their own stupid non-standard and proprietary variant of the video port. This time it is called Mini DisplayPort and there are of course zero cables or non-Apple devices to be found to support this new proprietary Apple standard. I had to put down 30 dollars to get a Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter. My Dell screen does have DisplayPort but of course it is the standard connector and there are no Mini To Standard cables to be found anywhere. They simply do not exist. Lame.

It’s a good reminder to never buy Apple’s v1.0 hardware. Unfortunately I had not choice this time. Otherwise I would have waited till the next revision.


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  1. andre on

    thank you for all the words. I have exactly the same problems. I know I know that I should have bought the previous model refurbished. I hope I can sell this machine when they release the next revision. I still wonder if is a leopard problem or a hardware issue.

  2. frustated on

    You’re lucky you had to connect it to a 24″ monitor and got by with a Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter.

    Guess what happens if you have 30″ Cinema Display?

    You need a “Dual Link Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter”. Which costs $149. And takes *5* weeks to ship.

    MacBook user here…

  3. Bastian on

    totally agree w/ this opinion. I have had one for a month now and running it alongside an older MBP and see very little reason to actually keep this new one.

    I find it offensive that Apple does not include the display adapters for a machine labelled “PRO” and costing $2000. Does a pro use not need to make presentations routinely? Also agree that the dongle concept is silly. How easy is it to lose the dongle on the way to a preso. The old standard DVI port was just fine and ANY other laptop sold today (short of the air) has at least a VGA port built in.

    Sleep IS broken seriously (come on, Johnny Ive, 5-8% power drain in sleep overnight??). The relatively seamless sleep that worked like a charm in a old ibook, and a nice feature of a Mac, is gone.

    Even some basic design features, such as the super sharp, painful front edge of the machine put aesthetics over usability – whatever happened to form follows function?

    I am a big apple fan with more apple logos in the household than heads (2:1 ratio), but this one is a serious disappointment.

    Good to hear others feel the same way!

  4. la joseph on

    i have had same problem with super hot coming out of my carry bag when i had put it to sleep; first day after purchase !!!!!!! scared the hell out of me. little did i know what i was getting into when buying a mac. keyboard, touchpad, text and screen distortions on scrolling, and now have all the other things you are all writing about to look forward to with the new replacement on its way, which by the way took me 3 months of playing ‘try this and try that’ with apple. what a frustrating waste of time; i give up ; after this one, any more problems and i will retire from the world and go into the bush !!!!!!!
    buy all.


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