Safari 3.0 Annoyances

Here are my top two Safari 3.0 annoyances:

Switching tabs does not work when you are in a form text field.

This is weird because both Back (Command-[) and Select Previous Tab (Command-{) are enabled in the menu bar but only Back actually works if you are in a form field. If they are enabled in the menu bar then the key combos should also work right?

Searching in text boxes is not possible anymore.

I like the new search functionality in Safari 3.0 where the little search bar pops up and you can highlight words on the web page. There is one huge flaw though; if you are working in a text box, for example to write a blog article on WordPress, there is no way anymore to search in that text box. Find, Command-F, always does a global page search and it skips the contents of the form field you are working in. I guess nobody really tested that one.

Both lame.


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  1. madra on

    …. and if you apple+A while in a textbox, safari selects all the text on the page, instead of just that in the textbox.

    thrice lame!

  2. wow on

    just use Command-Shift-[ to switch Tabs. Actually this is standard and works even if you are in a text form

    Apple-A works fine for selecting only Text in the Textbox…

  3. on

    Id like to be able to make the buttons bigger, like they are in firefox. The buttons are too small in Tiger/Leopard for safari.

    Also, Id like to be able to turn on private browsing permanently in preferences.

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