Frozen MacBook Pro

Well this is a new one … while I was writing a blog article in Safari my MacBook Pro completely froze. It did not show the usual kernel panic screen, it just froze. The caret stopped blinking, the menu bar clock stopped ticking, no response to mouse or keyboard activity. Only a reboot worked.



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  1. cokenour on

    I had this today for the first time (base model MBPro). Total lock. I’ve tried Command+CTRL+Power and no response. It’s been 5 minutes. I’ve read some posts elsewhere that seem to indicate that a forced restart may take several minutes…is that correct?

    I just installed the new KB firmware this morning…

  2. ray on

    Well since I put on the 10.5.2 updates my macbook pro won’t light up the display after closing the lid. It has always shown the display before. This has happened 3 times this week. The only thing that is unique is that I’m doing a class where I’m using my LT to project to an overhead projector and when I plug in the adapter cable in the video port, it resorts to 1024 but I disconnect it when I head to the hotel, the display automagically goes back to 1440. When I close go back to hotel and open my mac, the screen is dark. holding power button until it powers down is the only thing I found that gets it back to usability. Aggravating to say the least…

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