Disable Space switching on Command-Tab

There is a great hint at Mac OS X Hints:

The 10.5.2 version of the Dock has a new hidden preferences flag for Spaces. You can now set OSX to not automatically switch between spaces when you press Command-Tab.

This makes Spaces a little less frustrating to use.

I haven’t used Spaces a lot since the 10.5.2 release, but it *looks* like the ‘Spaces Randomizes the Window Order’ bug is also gone.


3 comments so far

  1. Scott Perry on

    unfortunately, it doesn’t actually work at all on either my Macbook Pro (32-bit) or Powerbook G4.

  2. Mortimer Mouse on

    At 10.5.5 Spaces still randomizes window order -.- annoying as hell

  3. CPN on

    Still random in 10.6.2 – AND.. sometimes it hides the most recent windows of an app until I alt-` to them. Not just under the other windows, but totally invisible. How do these things get WORSE with ever release?!

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