10.5.2 Still has Sleep/Wake problems

This is just so frustrating …

I’m typing this posting on the iMac because the MacBook Pro with 10.5.2 won’t wake up.

I simply opened the lid as I have done a million times but even though I heard the Mac power on and the white pulsing led on the front turned off, the screen stayed dark.

After a few minutes I gave up and closed the lid again, hoping it would go back to sleep again so that I can give it another try. The white LED on the front is now on, not pulsing and I can hear the Mac do stuff.

The screen is still dark. And now the fans are working at full speed too.

I’m hoping for a little miracle because I have a whole bunch of apps and windows open. But I’m afraid I’ll have to reboot this piece of crap again.

As I said in a previous posting, the MacBook Pro seems to be the number one problematic Apple portable at the moment with regards to sleep and wake. I’ve never had sleep/wake problems of this scale on any other Apple portable.

For the record: this is a plain MacBook Pro with a standard install of 10.5.2. No kernel extensions, no crazy software. I basically just use Terminal.app, Safari and some other very standard apps.



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  1. Anon on

    There is a brand new Macbook sitting by my desk unopened right now. I have 7 days left to return it to Best Buy. Seriously. After reading your blog about how buggy Leopard is on the exact same hardware as my Macbook, I’m scared to open it.

    This will be my first Mac. I’m going to be crushed if my notebook is a lemon.

  2. Moi on

    I’m having the same issues. Won’t wake up properly. Sometimes, I can open and close it a few times and it will come back.
    This is WAY worse in Leopard in general but more so in 10.5.2

  3. JP on

    I’m having the same issue as you mention above. I will be using my MBP and close the lid to put it into sleep mode, come back and blank screen but the HDD is spinning up but nothing on the screen. I have only had it once come up after about 30 seconds. Other than that I have to constantly reboot. LAME, this is after 10.5.2.

  4. Andrew on

    Yep me 2, just had my first sleep problem with 10.5.2 after opening the lid this morning. Will have to be careful next time and close everything before I sleep it.

  5. Rob on

    My iMac G5 w/ iSight has suffered from random sleep problems since I updated to 10.5.2 VERY VERY disappointed!!! Anyone know if I can rollback to 10.5.1??? Atleast that was stable…

  6. Matt on

    Happens to me all the time, just happened 10 minutes ago. When it finally wakes up after about a minute, it is very very slow and I have to restart.

  7. Arenot on

    Got the same thing. But I think it’s only happening when I plug in an external keyboard while my Mac is sleeping. Very annoying though, because the only solution is restarting. First I had the keyboard freezes (which is solved now), now this… What’s next?

  8. Oddi on


    have anyone tried to remove all power from the mac including the battery and then turning it back on?

  9. Arenot on

    I tried that, but no difference.

  10. Bill Burcham on

    I had the issue intermittently and then it got a lot worse in the past week or so. I followed advice on other sites and got rid of all my dashboard widgets and disabled my screensaver password – to no avail.

    What worked for me was disabling bluetooth. My MBP now wakes instantly and flawlessly. ‘course I _need_ bluetooth. Well at least I’ve narrowed it down.

  11. LGW on

    Same thing here. It was OK with 10.5.1 on my MBP, but it got DEFINITLY much much much worse with 10.5.2.

    I know this from Tiger, where they needed to get at least to 10.4.8 or something until wakeup was “working nearly correctly”. Works like a charm with tiger, but the current state of Leopard is simply awful.

  12. SGD on

    Saw this maybe once on 10.5.1, now it is an everyday occurrence.

  13. Alpay Ertürkmen on

    Try my solution I used to cure my problems on http://www.unofficialmac.com/post/27756671.


  14. Justin on

    Macbook 11/2006 with 10.5.2: unable to awake problems here too

  15. Christian Pelletier on

    Same problem here…

    MBP 10.5.2

    After a bit of research, I have seemed to have it narrowed down to a Bluetooth glitch…

    Example. At home I use my wireless Bluetooth mighty mouse. If I close the lid, open it later, when the mouse isn’t around, it seems to glitch up.

    I was really hopping this was gonna get fixed in the Big Update… still crossing my fingers for a future update.

  16. rd on

    i broke down and called apple today, 14 march (thankfully, i still have free phone support with my mbp). the rep said they are aware of the problem (could be from a recent graphics update?), working on a fix and a software update should be out shortly. said not to close lid to avoid issue (duh).

  17. Mathieu Jobin on

    I got the recent MacBookPro with a Penryn processor. it runs the latest leopard. I have no problem with it. perfect dream machine

    good luck guys

  18. Jonathan Maus on

    This just started happening with me too. MacBook Pro with Leopard.. very annoying.. and I bought a mac because I thought it would be bullet-proof reliable! where’s the fix?

  19. Ernie on

    I just upgraded an older Powerbook G4 1.25 Mghz from Tiger to the current version of Leopard. No power problems at all under Tiger, but now when “I simply opened the lid as I have done a million times but even though I heard the Mac power on and the white pulsing led on the front turned off, the screen stayed dark.”

    I’ve tried several things found in articles and blogs including disabling Bluetooth, resetting the PMU, changing power management prefs, etc. Nothing has resolved the problem.


  20. george on

    it happens every time I close the lid at work, then re-open at home. since I already turned off bluetooth, my only guess is that it’s a network problem.

    both my mbp and my mb (black) have this issue since 10.5.2

  21. Mike C on

    I have tested this thoroughly.

    The problem occurs with
    a. some MBPs and not others. I have a clone of a MBP 2.4 (3rd Gen) in the form of a MBP 2.33 (2nd Gen) and the latter machine does have problems waking up with a blank screen. The problem develops when an external monitor is used and then disconnected either just before or after sleep mode is engaged.
    b. with 10.5.2 with the graphics update installed. I know this because the problem disappears when one reinstalls 10.5.1 and even after updating to 10.5.2 WITHOUT the graphics update
    c. The problem does not go away after zapping PRAM
    d. Forget about messing around with the power management system –
    e. If one gets a blank screen. Connect to an external monitor and hit the ‘mirror monitors’ button (F7) – the dark screen will reappear

  22. Mark M on

    I had the same problem on my macbook. Turns out their is a magnetic on off switch on the left side of the laptop. Sometimes you can push it closed between your two fingers and it will sleep. Sometimes when I opened the lid, it would not wake. I took it to an Apple store and they said it was a known problem and fixed it while I waited. Have not had a problem since.

  23. prmac on

    Mike C is correct, one solution is to connect to the external display and hit F7 (turning on mirroring).

  24. Brad on

    This seems to have fixed my issues:


    Anyone else try it yet?

  25. jer on

    I have the same issues with my desktop. It never happened until I updated to 10.5.2. I’ve seen tons of posts out there about it, but not much in the way of resolution yet. I’m on a Dual 1.25 G4 PowerMac.

  26. Dave Bullock on

    I used to have this problem until I changed the way I handled my mac after putting it to sleep. Here is the trick:

    1) Unplug all the cables from your laptop and then shut the lid.

    2) Wait for the status light on the lid switch to start pulsating, this takes about 3 minutes for me, I have 3GB of ram.

    3) Move your laptop and put it in your bag.

    I have found that if you don’t wait for the light to start pulsating and you move the laptop then it won’t wake up properly. I believe this has to do with the sudden motion sensor interrupting the process that writes your memory contents to disk in case of deep hibernation mode kicking in.

    Hope this helps.



  27. deckard on

    Get rid of Safe Sleep hibernate to disk mode. It’s buggy.


  28. Jeroen on

    Same issues here. MPB Santa Rosa, okt 2007.

    Followed the discussions on the Apple discussion board, did a graphics update rollback. No sleep wake problems anymore, but another issue surfaced:windows that were open for some time, were having strange graphic glitches. Lines of pixels become black. Weird stuff.

    Updated the EFI firmware, and I thought, what the heck, let’s do the graphics update again.

    Just rebooted my machine while it became unresponsive after sleep. 4 hours of work lost. Thank you Apple.

    Macbook Pro & Leopard: killer combination.

  29. Alex on

    I was having the same issue that you seem to be having. Although I installed an update that was supposedly going to fix the problem, I continued to have issues. So, I took the computer in to my local Genius Bar and they did some tinkering over night and I have not had the same problem since. I do not know what they did but it worked.

  30. Kelvin on

    This is so unbelievably aggravating. I’ve been having tons of sleep wake issues with my brand new macbook. Sometimes I get the black screen and have to close and reopen a few times to get it to wake properly. Other times I have to restart it all together. When an external mose/keyboard/monitor is plugged in and I want to shut the lid it goes to sleep automatically (no known way to prevent this). Waking it back up with the external keyboard or mouse takes over 30 seconds to register!

    WTF Apple. WTF. Fix this. PLEASE.

  31. FJ on

    Well, it’s been a couple of months since the last post and I’m afraid I don’t have good news. I received my brand new and re-designed MBP last month and since I first turned it on and let it go to sleep, I’m having issues waking it back up. I’ve read through several threads and I see a few different manifestations of similar issues. For me, the screen isn’t usually black (though I’m fairly certain I’ve had that too) the screen comes up but the keyboard, trackpad and button are completely disabled. Sometimes, if I wait 30-60 seconds, it becomes responsive. Many more times, it never comes back. Only the power button / shut down / re-boot works. My 13″ older/white intel core2 duo MacBook doesn’t do this, but my brandy new, more expensive “Pro” version does. What’s wrong with this picture? I have all the latest updates too 10.5.6. Right up to the minute… it doesn’t appear that Apple has yet ackowledged this problem, though I’ve been reading posts that go back 2 years. Yikes. While there have been some very elaborate fixes / workarounds, I would say, (a) none that I have tried have worked and (b) some are so complicated that it feels like making complicated edits to the registry in Windows – been there done that and bought the Mac advertising (apparently foolishly) I thought this was the land of computers that “just work”?

  32. RE on

    I have a MacBookPro3,1 that has repetitively had issues with sleep/wake problems shortly after an update has been applied. Not usually right away but, a week or two afterward. It is quite odd and does get annoying—thus, my visit to this site. In past cases, I’ve gone to such extremes as a fresh build of Leopard and re-installing all of my other software. Not sure where I found this as it’s been some time but, I’ve had good success with reseting the PRAM on the MBP.

    **Caution: I’ve never had an issue doing this and I definitely don’t make a constant habit of doing it for fear something could go wrong when resetting the PRAM. So, although I’ve had a bit of good fortune so far, take this with a grain of salt and be warned—something could go wrong!**

    To do so: *Back Up Your Stuff* Then, shut down the MBP and remove the battery. With the battery removed, press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds. (Nothing will noticeably happen.) Release the Power button and then replace the battery. Take a deep breath and boot ‘er up.

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