Another Spaces Annoyance

I thought I would give Spaces another try but I found another annoyance on top of the already extremely annoying bugs and behaviour of Spaces.

So here is the fourth one ..

I have some spaces with a bunch of windows. I’m working in Space #2 and I tab-switch to Safari in Space #3 to lookup some stuff. I then tab-switch back to but I end up on Space #1 and not #2 where I came from. Sure, it also contains a window, so technically I’m back where I started. But really, OS X is all about usability right? So why this retarded behaviour instead of just going back to the place were you were doing work? Who makes up this stuff?

This is a complete productivity killer and shows a serious lack of integration between software components (App Switcher vs Spaces) which is probably reflected by disconnected development teams inside Apple.

Lame and I’ll repeat this from the previous Spaces posting …

Note to shareware developers: If you thought your virtual screen software was rendered obsolete by Spaces, think again. Apple is incapable of releasing even the most basic version bug free. Please give us the next version of Virtue Desktops, VirtualDesktop Pro or Desktop Manager. Without the same mistakes that Apple made but with more Pro features please.


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