The Forgetful Leopard

Leopard just forgot the (self-signed) SSL certificates that I approved for my mail servers and also all my web passwords and cookies. Gone. For no reason. Not very useful.


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  1. bdf on

    While seeing this list of bugs is great, I hope you’re taking the time to file big reports directly to Apple, Enumerating the bugs on a blog without detailed specifics (in some cases) won’t help get things fixed faster, but providing Apple with detailed specifics about the bugs you are finding will help all Leopard users have a less buggy OS, sooner.

  2. RJ on

    I’ve bookmarked your blog to follow along as Leopard is really proving to be a pain in the ass. It’s sad that I can find myself nodding to all of your entries but I remain hopeful that the next 10.5.x release will fix most (hopefully all) these issues.

    As it is, I’m filing all these bugs every time I get it.

    I hope they’re using MacBook Pro’s as their regular work computers 😛

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