Mail Activity View – What is the point?

Leopard’s now has an activity pane in the lower left corner. I like that because I like to see what is doing without opening that old modal Activity window (under Command-0).

The thing is .. I’ve never seen anything interesting happen in this new Activity view even though is doing all kinds of stuff worth mentioning. Here is a good example:


WTF. is doing at least 20 things but that Activity view does not show anything? What is the point of this view?

This looks like another half-baked feature that was never implemented fully.


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  1. fl0 on


  2. iheartbeer on

    Try quiting in the middle of archiving mailboxes. Archiving just stops, no warnings no errors. That’s how I found out about the activity panel being different than the activity window. There’s no feedback on archiving in the activity panel, but there is in the activity window. Oh well. Make sure your archives are finished before quiting or you’ll lose data.

  3. Jeremy on

    Agreed. Useless feature that could have been good.

    Worse, when you’re composing a mail for an IMAP account where you store drafts on the server, every 5 minutes when it autosaves your work, the activity viewer says something like “Sending message” when all it’s really doing is saving a draft to the Drafts folder. Freaks me out, thinking I somehow clicked send.

    And why is it two items of activity tall, and not resizable?

    What were they thinking?

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