iTunes can’t be hidden with option-click

I just noticed something odd: I frequently push applications invisible to the background by option clicking on the desktop or another app. That will activate the app you clicked in and hide all the current app’s windows.

For some reason this does not work anymore for iTunes. It just deactivates it’s window and switches to the other app.

Hmm. Command-H (Hide iTunes) also does not seem to work. Lame. They were probably too busy porting the iTMS to the iPhone.


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  1. Ian Eure on

    All of the following work for me:

    – Cmd-H with iTunes focused.
    – Option-Click any other app with iTunes focused.
    – Cmd-Option-H with any non-iTunes app focused.

  2. learn please on

    This happens frequently with other applications too, not just iTunes. A restart seems to fix it. Lame.

  3. Jason on

    It works just fine. Are you so desperate for Leopard bugs that you’ve resorted to making things up?

  4. thelameleopard on

    I certainly don’t make things up. I simply describe the weird things that I see happening on Leopard.

  5. RS on

    This is a real bug. I have the same issue on my Leopard system. Impossible to hide iTunes by any means.

  6. Daniel Brice on

    I get this issue sometimes also. At one time I was able to fix it just by restarting iTunes, but that doesn’t always work.

  7. chris C on

    I’m having the same problem using tiger.

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