Hidden Finder Options

MacOSXHints has a story about a hidden Finder option to show the full path name in the window title.

I found a bunch more hidden options.

  • _FXSecureEmptyTrashLevel
  • _FXColumnPreviewDelay
  • _FXShowPosixPathInTitle
  • _FXSynchronousIterators
  • _FXUseSharedNetworkSidebarNode
  • _FXNotificationProcessingMode
  • _FXPeabodyMenuBar
  • _FXTreatDesktopAsWindow
  • _FXEnableSP_SharedServerCount
  • _FXEnablePeabodyBrowser
  • _FXEnableSunriseAnimation
  • _FXEnableWarp
  • _FXDelaySnapshotImageCreation
  • _FXAnimationSpeedScaleTimesBase
  • _FXAnimationSpeedScaleTimesBase100
  • _FXBackupPrepareRevealDuration_ms
  • _FXBackupRevealDuration_ms
  • _FXBackupPromoteDuration_ms
  • _FXBackupUpdateDuration_ms
  • _FXBackupShowHideDuration_ms
  • _FXShowBackgroundAnimation
  • _FXTimeMachineLockFrontProcess
  • _FXBackupDisplayFadeDuration_ms
  • _FXBackupEnableDisplayFade
  • _FXAssumeLatestIsCurrent
  • _FXSmartNavigationPreviousNext
  • _FXCommandKeyForSmartNavigation

Some have interesting names. What for example is the ‘Peabody Browser’. And where does the ‘Sunrise Effect’ show? Leave a comment if you find out more.


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