First Leopard Update Arrived – But it does not fix the most annoying bugs

So Apple released the first update to 10.5. Great. Except that it does not fix the following issues:

  • NONE of the Spaces issues are fixedAs outlined in my previous posting. Spaces still does not work with Java applications. It still has problems with modal dialogs. And it still RANDOMIZES the window order when you switch back and forth between spaces .. a complete productivity killer.
  • Back to my Mac is still BROKEN – I still have the same situation: iMac on a public IP address and a MacBook behind a compatible Access Point. It’s still not working though.

This update is extremely disappointing. Lame.


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  1. Al on

    Must agree I had very high hopes for the Back to My MAC to help support my folks MAC environment. Using iChat isn’t an ideal workaround – Somewhat disappointed that Apple-Support is stooping to trying to assign fault to all the router – switch vendors or if you answer the questions for the support people correctly “My router is current with current software” then the blame goes to the ISP.

    I’m hopeful that MAC will “enhance” Back to my Mac very soon.

  2. learn please on

    It’s not MAC. MAC is not an acronym and MAC is not a company. Apple will be “enhancing” Back to my Mac. Not MAC. MAC doesn’t exist, so it can’t “enhance” it.

  3. Snoop on

    Have you bothered to file a bug report with Apple? Maybe things wouldn’t be so lame if you helped Apple fix your problems instead of just complaining about them.

  4. Berzerker on

    This is not a bug with Spaces. It’s a bug with the JVM. Stop whining.

  5. thelameleopard on

    Spaces … JVM … what is the difference.Both are made by Apple and should work hand in hand.

  6. TjL on

    I agree that BTMM needs to work better, and needs to work with more routers (Linksys, etc) even w/o UPNP or whatever enabled.

    However, let’s remember this is a 1.0 feature.

    With an Airport Extreme on each end (one an N and one a G) I was able to get this to work.

  7. VistaPC on

    Mac, I thought your applications ran without error and were more secure. Let’s see broken application reliant upon communication with ‘compatible’ gateways using insecure configurations such as UPNP enabled or using UDP port 4500 otherwise normally used by the more secure IPSec for NAT Traversal. And yet you accuse me of twisting standards and being malfunctioning. Shame on you.

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