One last Spaces vs iTunes rant

I’m ripping CDs. I have a whole pile on my desk right now and I’m feeding them to iTunes one by one. I have iTunes configured to rip CDs that are inserted, then eject them. So while I am working on some other stuff in another application and space I can just work through the pile.

Not exactly.

Spaces is broken in one more interesting way. This is what happens. I’m working in a Terminal window in a different space. When iTunes is done ripping one CD and I insert another one, while still being on my Terminal Space, it AUTOMATICALLY switches back to the iTunes Space!

How on earth can they decide that applications can mess with the Spaces system. If an application needs attention then it can bounce it’s dock icon. But changing spaces .. that completely frags up the user experience.

Maybe this is more an iTunes rant actually. I just disabled spaces and guess what .. iTunes makes itself the frontmost application when you insert a new CD. So much for a nice ‘rip 150 CDs in the background while working on other stuff’ workflow.


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  1. Mike Salsbury on

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Spaces is so much less useful than it would be if it was implemented like a true virtual desktop. That is, each Space ought to behave almost like it’s running on a different computer. The only circumstance where I’d want an automatic switch would be in the case of impending disaster, like a low-battery warning on a laptop. You could probably write a book on how botched up the implementation of Spaces is in OS X.

    A coworker saw a perfect example earlier today. He was trying to update Adobe Reader in Space #8. While that was running, he moved to Space #2 to do some work. When Adobe’s updater needed to prompt him for information, it did so on Space #2, not #8 where it was running. Then when he switched back to Space #8 it looked locked up because the action was displaying in a different space.

    Leopard early adopters ought to get paid for beta testing the thing.

  2. ed on

    SO glad you have started a blog like this. The Apple forums are populated with Stevie sycophants who appear to think it is perfectly acceptable to unleash expensive beta software!
    I’ve had two weeks of misery trying to get my wireless network stable again after ‘upgrading’ to this piece of eye cnady.

    PS – it appears that Airport is much more sensitive to interference than under Tiger. The ‘Use interference robustness’ has been replaced by a system that is supposed to be better, but actually gets thrown by all sorts of radio interference. Make sure you have everything in the vicinity turned off!

  3. John on

    “Leopard early adopters ought to get paid for beta testing the thing.”

    Since when has anyone been paid to beta test something?

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