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  1. Will on

    While most Unix vets consider a guest account the least trustable, Apple’s guests seem to simply be regular accounts that have a special clean-up done after log out. Apple’s guests are probably more common with visiting relatives, while the Unix guest is more typical of a school or copy shop. At the very least the vocabulary should change if the features don’t.

    As for the file destroying features for household guests, I’d like a way the contents of the user’s home folder gets archived and given ownership by an admin rather than being deleted completely and automatically. Would I know where to have Disk Warrior look for Aunt Susan’s resume that she didn’t realize would be deleted when she logged out?

  2. Ryan on

    Thanks for your insights. This is a great article.


  3. Mike Salsbury on

    I really appreciate your analysis here. You’re right that Apple bills this like you could just let anyone use your Mac with this account and not have to worry, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, I’m going to make sure I disable this account on the systems I configure. It’s one extra security hole I don’t want to have to worry about.

  4. Patrick Gallagher on

    Great article. I wish Apple gave us a supported way to totally delete the account so our supported end users (with admin rights) can’t enable it. Here is an unsupported way: http://patgmac.blogspot.com/2007/11/leopard-keeping-guest-account-disabled.html

  5. Brandon on

    You may want to warn people about the Guest Account “feature” in Leopard. When turned on, some have reported that when they try to log out of their Admin accounts, the OS warns them that they are actually logged in as a Guest and everything will be erased upon logout, and then proceeds to do it. There is a work around, but if you are not paying attention and do not know about it (which is most people), you could wind up loosing data and having to restore from a backup (or be SOL if you don’t backup). Lucky for me I caught the warning and backed up.

    For now it seems best to turn off Guest Account. If you want a guest account, just make one a regular user account rather than enabling the auto-delete function of the official Guest Account.


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