Leopard Kernel Panic #2

I was just reading something in Safari with Terminal and Transmit in the background. KABOOM. Kernel Panic.

It seems to have something to do with USB instabilities:

Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):

I don’t have any third-party kernel extensions installed, no strange software, no extra hardware. Lame.


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  1. Andy on

    This appears to be a common issue when putting the airport card through a “full load”. The most common occurance is when people use Azureus, but other programs which operate heavily over wi-fi cause it too.

  2. mrlapo on

    My MBP is connected to internet via wi-fi, and I use Azureus almost all the time. And I get kernel panics 😦

  3. thelameleopard on

    Isn’t Azureus a Java application? Maybe it is related to that?

  4. Hein Tore Tønnesen on

    Did the crash happen whilst uploading a file? It has happened a lot to me recently, most commonly when using Textmate to save and upload the file through Transmit, and having Parallels with Win XP running in the background.

  5. mrlapo on

    I tried uploading at a minimum while downloading at a maximum, and it still crashes.
    The problem IS Azureus. I searched on google and a lot of people are having the same problem. When I use Transmission instead of Azureus, there is no problem at all.

  6. Jon on


    Although the problem usually occurs with azureus, the problem lies firmly with leopard and the wireless driver.

    NO application should be able to cause a kernel panic.


  7. alex-in-NOLA on

    I have had KP’s at random, when we apple-Z for undo in Merlin2, word has triggered them. at random the laptop has restarted, even while asleep aAND while running XP through Bootcamp! updated to 10.5.1 and no real improvement. i am reloading 10.5 as we speak and next i will take the HD to be replaced. my laptop is just 3 weeks old!
    any perspective from someone more knowledgeable?

  8. Randy on

    I was uploading a index file to my website using Transmit when I got a kernel panic. I had not upgraded to the newest “Leopard” version of Transmit…maybe that’s why? I just installed that update and it hasn’t happened again.

  9. Slim on

    Randy, I am working with (what I think is) the Leopard version Panic (3.6.3) and I’ve got my first kernel panics using Transmit… I’m starting to think it might be the Airport Card at full load (I was uploading 35MB) that Andy mentioned. — MBPro, CoreDuo, 802.11g…

  10. Rob van Hees on

    I experience Kernel Panics too when I have Azureus running.
    Using Transmit instead of Azureus keeps my macbook panic free …

    When streaming video over wifi from a Lacie networked HD to my macbook also NO kernel panics.

    I’m on 10.5.1.

    So for me, the problem seems to be very related to Azureus …


  11. Rob van Hees on

    sorry , an error in my previous post ;

    I ment : when using Transmission instead of Azureus : no kernel panics.

  12. bryan on

    thank you so much for this! this has definitely answered my worries about my mac and its kernel panics. azureus is always running, and then kaput. for a few seconds i was getting worried about ram and such, but once again i believee there’s a definite connection between leopard and azureus. when i’m downloading from an ethernet its ok. but wifi wise it goes haywire at times.

  13. dasil003 on

    I have the same thing with slightly offset memory addresses


    In my case it has nothing to do with Azureus. Before the panic I experience intermittent failure of the trackpad and keyboard (but not USB mouse!). When this failure occurs, the keyboard is completely unresponsive, even the caps lock light will not respond (in fact it will go off if it was on).

    This first happened a few days ago, and did not go away on restart, although it did go away after I waited an hour. It definitely feels like a hardware issue.

  14. dan on

    Definitely has do do with file uploads. I am a web developer, and the main way I work is to use BBEdit to edit files on the server using Transmit. When you hit cmd-s in BBEdit, it saves directly to the server. When I am tweaking a file I often have to upload repeatedly.

    I use a MacBook Pro over Airport. Ever since the Leopard upgrade, I have had occasional kernel panics when using BBEdit and Transmit in this way. I’d say it has happened 5 or 6 times in the past 6 weeks. The worst part is that whenever it happens, the file I am working on is truncated partway through the save, and I lose a ton of work. One time I lost half a day’s work.

    As someone mentioned above, NO application should be able to cause a kernel panic, and I had never experienced one EVER before the Leopard upgrade. This is very worrisome, as I depend on my mac every hour of every day during the work week. I guess I will stop using Panic software for the time being until this issue is officially resolved.

    Anybody have links to other areas where this problem is discussed?


  15. Gil on

    Since upgrading to Leopard I’ve been regularly incurring kernel panics while working with MAMP, Transmit, CSS Edit and Textmate.

    Thinking it might have something to do with my MAMP virtual hosting setup I’ve spent the better part of 3 weeks configuring, reconfiguring, installing and re-installing without effect: I would still get the grey screen of death.

    And then I read about this USB issue… so I unplugged the external USB Lacie drive (which had been plugged in for the past 3 mnths) and I haven’t experienced any KPs whist running file saves/transfers during MAMP operation.

    The fault: Airport? USB? I don’t know. I’m just relieved I’m not experiencing repeated KPs during work hours.

  16. David Miller on

    I started getting Kernel panics related to Bluetooth connections after upgrading to 10.4.11 so I downgraded to 10.4.10 and the problem disappeared. It’s returned with 10.5.1 but only after applying the latest keyboard and security fixes. I don’t want to downgrade again so I’ll wait until this issue is fixed. I send the crash log to Apple each time (couldn’t even do that after panics in 10.4.11).

  17. PsyWalker on

    Updating the Azureus .jar-files fixes the KernelPanic issue. I’m running Azureus for days under 10.5.1 over airport without problems now:


    Check it out.

  18. Hook on

    Updating the Azureus .jar files DOES NOT fix the Kernel Panic issue. I actually got the Kernel Panic within minutes of using Azureus.

  19. jim on

    I had two kernel panics tonight on my first-gen MacBook running 10.5.1. I was running Firefox, iTunes, AppleMail, GAIM and Google Desktop. I have had one freeze on my dual G5 that forced a hard reboot, but no kernel panics I can remember on the G5.

  20. llurker on

    Kernel panics happens within 5 minutes after I start azureus, but leopard is to blame for this. Except for the os I have been using my current setup almost a year without problems – in fact I didn’t know the mac was able to kernel panic until I upgraded to leopard (ver 10.5.1) – come on apple this is way below your standards.

  21. Oliver on

    I also get KPs ever since upgrading to 10.4.9 or 10.4.10 (or maybe only after (10.4.11). I noted that it often happens when carrying it around to find a better Airport connections. In other strings both the pressure and the Airport card are mentioned as causing the problem. I disconnected my card a few minutes ago (leaving it in) and since then no KP – which is very good compared to before. I’ll downgrade asap. I’m not using azureus.

  22. Justin on

    Just to add to the cases:

    MacBook 11/2006. Before installing Leopard when it came out, I rarely had kernel panics. Sometime afterward Leopard installation, I started having KP when I plugged in keyboard/mice both usb/bluetooth (these are Microsoft and Apple products, 4 different devices). These devices had never given me a problem before Leopard.

    Some of the devices are somewhat often in terms of giving KP. One keyboard in particular without fail gives KP the instant I plug it in. Very annoying. Doesnt seem to be dependent on any programs running.

    Going to try to reinstall Leopard this weekend to fix it.

  23. tame the leopard on

    Welll, I’m definitely getting lots of kernel panic whenever I use bluetooth audio. This only happened in Leopard. My set up:

    • MacBook Pro with external USB blueooth dongle (the reason for that is because I sit someways from my computer and the built-in bluetooth’s signal does not sometimes reach where I am sitting.)

    • Nokia BH-900 headset

    When using Skype with video, in a matter of about minutes, the grey screen of death appears. Very annoying because it has only been recently that I have been dependent on Skype with video on a once a week basis. I’m reverting back to wired headset until 10.5.3

    To add sorrow to this story, in my fury with this happening each time for the past 3 weeks, I destroyed my own headset. I was just so furious. I just lost control and crushed my own headset. Sad, indeed. Oh well….

  24. robertandri on

    Ok this is so random that I can’t say that is a commom Kp for all of you, bu I know for shure that it has to do with leopard..so I made an experiment..play with leopard …and the conclusion is that some apple hardwere configuration are more senitive to leopard software than other some give a lot of KP some don’t…my experiment use the same HDD with leopard and boot the OS in diferent configurations and the conclusion is that the network conetion of eny kind when uploading data from the computer to another device/network will KP your sistem …the driver is not the problem but the OS new sistem style because I used the drivers from 10.4.10 the sistem with no panics and have the same resoult…I’l try to determinate the exact module or thing that cousing the problem…hope I’l find it…sorry for bad grama. 😛

  25. jim on

    I am getting so pissed at these kernel panics on my MacBook. My DT is rock solid. Fucking apple. There… I feel better…

  26. craig on

    There are recurring themes in this thread:

    Leopard + wireless network activity and/or USB

    Such is the case with me. I’m using a Hawking USB wireless card on 8 core Mac (10.5.2) and I get 2-3 KP per day! (I am in a hotel with my mac pro so I need that little card).

    There is no rhyme or reason to whatever applications I use. I think it’s a waste of time to try to debug. Apple can fix it. We can’t.

  27. alban on

    We mac users tend to blame ourselves when Apple messes up.
    Did we do a clean install?
    Should we have bought that third party memory last year?
    Did we adopt Leopard too early?

    I agree with Craig we have to get over it and wait for Apple.
    We just have to unplug our USB kit, plug in the ethernet cable and hope that one day Apple admits there is a problem with Leopards drivers and then fixes them.

  28. Mellowfellon on

    Ya, I too am running 8 core mp, and since switching to usb wireless I get fckn kernel panics. Man I was so excited about my new first apple.

  29. Mellowfellon on

    Are there any USB Wifi adapters that DO work with leopard?

  30. qwert on

    Zyxel G-202

  31. derek martin on

    i get KPs semi-frequently when NOT using wi-fi.
    i’m on ethernet all day at work.
    what i *do* have going is this:
    1) many apps (i’m a developer)
    2) external monitor via dongle
    3) usb mouse plugged into on-board usb port
    4) usb hub plugged into on-board usb port
    5) apple keyboard plugged into usb hub
    6) external hdd plugged into usb hub for time machine

    i have 2 gig of ram on an intel macbook pro with a clean install of leopard and all updates


    Plus MAMP seems to forget how to startup/shutdown, requiring re-installs just to operate. This is necessitated whenever there’s a kernel panic during a time-machine backup. It happens more often than you think. In fact they seem to coincide more often than not. Perhaps usb activity is one of the root causes.

    if both usb AND wi-fi can cause these insta-offs, perhaps it’s not a KP at all, but a motherboard/bridge issue? i dunno 😦

  32. pauly on

    I’m getting kernel panics regularly on late model G5 after upgrading to Leopard… Been tearing my hair out trying to comprehend the problem, and thought I’d narrowed it down to RAM but no… Its completely random on my machine and not attributable to any one event or application.

  33. Flagg on

    I get kernel panic randomly wile i’m connected via AirPort and using any application that use internet connection
    Leopard 10.5.5 – MBP

  34. Joel Lovell on

    I get the KP every time I push the ‘connect’ button on my logitech bluetooh mouse.

    I also get hard lock-ups on occasion when I use bluetooth to tether to my 3G phone.

    Thirdly, I experience it when I put in my eSATA epxress card and on the odd occasion when I shut the card down.

    MacBook Pro, latest Leopard, 4Gb RAM.

  35. OhGoddess on

    sadly, i’ve been getting kernel panic crashes on my G5 tower ever since we went wireless. I have os 10.5.7. Doesn’t matter which program, might be simply web browsing w/firefox, or during one of the two online games I play. Even more sadly, it’ll never get fixed because I am a user not a techie and all the techie mumbo jumbo info in the other posts might as well be written in Latin for all the good they do me.

  36. Brin on

    I have the exact same issue. It happens both on my Macbook Pro and on my Mac Pro tower. I am sing a Hawkings USB wireless card and I have put to the test.

    Any time under full load either while using Azureus or transferring large files while remotely logged in and even while screen sharing. I have since upgraded to Snow Leopard and I am still having the exact same issues.
    I have only seen this issue while using my Hawkings USB Card. Never had the issue with my Airport Card.

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