The Leopard has Sleep Problems

Again my MacBook did not go to sleep and again it was almost melting in my nice Crumpler bag.

Leopard certainly has more sleep problems than Tiger. With Tiger I could just close the MacBook put it in my bag and run off. I never had any problems with that. Leopard is a different story. I simply don’t trust it anymore, so I wait until the white LED on the front starts pulsing before I put the Mac in my bag. Which really sucks.


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  1. Pete Wright on

    You know that’s actually a REALLY good thing. The LED doesn’t start pulsing until the disks have stopped spinning and drive heads have parked. I’ve seen a few completely wrecked MacBook drives as a result of even Tiger users just throwing the computer in a bag before that light starts pulsing.

    It’s your Mac’s way of telling you it’s good to go.

  2. JD on

    I just did that tonight, got home from my commute, and opened my bag up to a overheating kernel-panic-ed macbook.

    Quite frustrating to say the least.

  3. Will on

    My Mac is a QuickSilver 2002, 1.8GHz PPC, 1.25GB RAM.

    Since installing Leopard about four weeks ago, I have just one really irritating problem – sometimes, it comes out of sleep.

    The Mac appears to go to sleep as normal and will stay on sleep until needed, but it’s come out of sleep about five times since this upgrade .

    This never happened with Tiger.

  4. -Matt- on

    I am having exactly the same problem since upgrading to leopard.

    This absolutely sucks. With tiger I never actually shut down my macbook unless software installation required a reboot.

    The quick startup from sleep was one of the BEST features of the macbook and this has now been killed by leopard.

    Come on apple, get your acts together! We need a software update to fix this issue as a matter of high urgency. I have already read some posts from people whos harddrive has died as a result of the constant cycling this problem causes.

  5. Sal on

    I was having that problem with my new macbook. It just wouldn’t go to sleep when I closed the lid. It seems to have fixed itself, though.

    Now my iBook is a different story. For some reason, after waking the computer up, the internet doesn’t work right, and the whole thing locks up. I try to force quit firefox, but after the screen goes away, the menu is still up. After I do this, I have to restart the computer to get it to function normal again. Ugh…anybody hear of a fix for anything like this coming out soon?

  6. Greg on

    I’m extremely disappointed with my upgrade to Leopard. Now I am unable to sleep my computer overnight – When it wakes up it is completely unusable, due to intensive and ongoing disk and cpu usage. I’ve tried to figure out what the hell is going on by monitoring processes. Unfortunately though, with limited skills I can’t seem to pinpoint the problem.

    Apple, sort it out! Releasing software with problems this big makes you as unprofessional as the rival you berate for the same reasons.

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