All my Spaces issues solved!

I’ve resolved all my issues with Spaces. No more frustration about the following things:

  • Spaces does not work with Java applications – When you run something like JConsole (from the command line) or double click IntelliJ then there is no way to comand-tab to these applications from a different space. All you get is the application’s menu bar but none of it’s windows. This kind of ruins a workflow where you for example type code (IDEA!) in one space and look up documentation with Safari in another.
  • Spaces randomizes the window order – When you switch back and forth between applications that have multiple windows open on one space, the window order is randomized when you enter the space. Not always but frequent enough to make it extremely frustrating.
  • Spaces does not deal well with modal dialogs – When you are looking at a modal dialog of a specific application and you switch away from the space where that app was on then it is impossible to command-tab back to the application. Just like with Java apps you end up wth just the application’s menu bar.

Getting rid of these annoying bugs in this piece of untested foobar is easy. Just stop using Spaces! You wil feel instant relief and less pain in your fingers.

Note to shareware developers: If you thought your virtual screen software was rendered obsolete by Spaces, think again. Apple is incapable of releasing even the most basic version bug free. Please give us the next version of Virtue Desktops, VirtualDesktop Pro or Desktop Manager. Without the same mistakes that Apple made but with more Pro features please.


8 comments so far

  1. macdev on

    you are right, this bug is really not just annoying but awful and makes this great feature (of course completely invented by apple) almost unusuable – hopefully they will soon provide an update resolving those pitiful issues!

  2. Sixer on
  3. […] of the Spaces issues are fixed – As outlined in my previous posting. Spaces still does not work with Java applications. It still has problems with modal dialogs. And […]

  4. Tiger User on

    I bought Leopard the day it came out, still can’t use it on my main setup though, too many bugs.

    I use You Control Desktops in Tiger, it works awesome, doesn’t have any of the lame problems that Spaces has.

  5. […] I would give Spaces another try but I found another annoyance on top of the already extremely annoying bugs and behaviour of […]

  6. […] But then I tab-switched back and forth a couple of times and I understood what happened: this is simply a clusterfrag of the already known ‘Spaces randomized the Application window order’ bug that I described in a previous post. […]

  7. George on

    Blogged about a decent workaround when using Intellij IDEA and Spaces. Probably will work for other Java apps.

  8. Ben on

    Hah! It isn’t just me.

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