Update: Opening URLs in Terminal – Twice!

A kind reader pointed me to the new way of opening URLs in Terminal.app. Control-Click on a URL and you get a popup menu with the option to open the URL.

Here it looks like this. I swear I did not Photoshop this!


And yes, both menu items work.

PS: I know that shift-command-click also works


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  1. Thom on

    I use an irc client on a remote server and run screen so I can detach/reattach.

    The problem with this is, the URLs are broken up over multiple lines. So what I do is, I highlight just the url, over multiple lines, and copy it to the clipboard.

    Then I invoke quicksilver and use my keyboard shortcut (“ir” in my case) which runs a script called ircurl.command, which I keep in ~/bin and make sure quicksilver looks in ~/bin when it scans.

    The script contains the following three lines:

    /usr/bin/pbpaste | /usr/bin/tr -d ‘\n \t’ | /usr/bin/pbcopy
    /usr/bin/open `pbpaste;`

    This pipes the clipboard through tr, which deletes any space, tabs or returns, then back into the clipboard.

    The last line uses ‘open’ to open the contents of the clipboard, which is a url, so it uses my default browser to open it.


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