Back to my Mac – Through a Microsoft protocol?

I’ve been trying to get Back to my Mac up and running. There is no way to tune or configure anything, so when I say trying I really mean restarting Macs, killing the Finder, lame stuff like that.

In all my tries last night I have been able to see my iMac on my MacBook just once. And I was even able to drag files to my public drop folder! Unfortunately things went downhill from there. I do see the iMac in the MacBook’s Finder but all connections to it fail.

Well, connections made through Back to my Mac fail. Direct connections, by just doing a ‘Connect to Server…’ from the Finder and typing things like vnc://my.public.ip.address or afp://my.public.ip.address work blazingly fast and well as they always did.

So it is certainly not a network issue between the MacBook and the iMac. How could it be, they are basically on the same network anyway, with just an Airport Express in between them.

I did find out that Back to my Mac works with IPsec. To be more specific, IPsec encapsulated in UDP over port 4500. Which /etc/services amusingly lists as ‘Microsoft IPsec NAT-T’. Maybe that is the problem here.

7:04:22 ~ % grep 4500 /etc/services 
ipsec-msft      4500/udp    # Microsoft IPsec NAT-T
ipsec-msft      4500/tcp    # Microsoft IPsec NAT-T

This just does not sound very hopeful.



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