One Two Three Lame in Leopard has the option to speak the results. I thought this was rather cool so I turned it on. Hoping it would tell me that 42 times 1024 was forty three thousand and eight, instead it simply enumerated all the numbers in the result: ‘four three zero zero eight’. How incredibly lame is that. How did this get through Q&A. Lame.

Update:It seems that only ‘big numbers’ are spoken as I described. It does actually speak the above exmple correct. But not if you change it to 42*1024*1024. It will not say ‘forty four million forty thousand and …’ but instead say ‘four four zero four zero one nine two’. Still lame.


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  1. thickslab on

    Works for me.

  2. on

    that is lamer. my says the entire result. I am using tiger. 🙂

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