Lame Spaces Application Switching

Spaces is one of the best new features of Leopard. Unfortunately it is full of bugs. The latest that I found is extremely annoying. I have one space that only contains iChat. It has two windows: The ‘AIM Buddy List’ window and  a chat window Something strange happens when command-tab switching back and forth between Safari, which is on another space, and this iChat space: the order of the iChat windows changes. Sometimes the chat window is behind the Buddy List window and sometimes the chat window is above the the Buddy List window. Again this smells like bad Q&A. Lame. Update: This seems to happen to any application. Not just iChat. Command-Tab switching between for example and Safari, both on seperate spaces, randomizes the window order every time. Lame. Lame. 


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  1. Aaron on

    I can confirm that this occurs at random between any two applications.

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