Where is Java 6???

Speaking of Java … all signs of Java 6 have dissapeared. It is not present in the default Lame Leopard install. Not included in the Developer Tools and also not available for download anymore on ADC.Again Apple leaves developers in the cold by not being able to release on time. Java 5 took ages, now the same thing seems to be happening with Java 6. It’s been a year since Java 6 went final for Windows, Linux and Solaris. You would think that leaves enough time for an Lame Leopard port. Lame.¬†


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  1. Winni on

    Yep, I am also disappointed by that lack of Java 6 in Leopard.

    The big question, however, is: Who is actually using Java 6 in real life and what are the big differences to Java 5?

    Java 5 on Leopard shows improved performance over Tiger, and some of the fancy new Java 6 features were specifically designed for Microsoft Windows.

    The lack of Java 6 on OS X is not the real issue. The lack of communication from Apple is the problem.

  2. thelameleopard on

    Your big questions are really not so big. To answer the first one: many people are using Java 6, on both desktop and server, and I want to be one o them. Java 6 has many improvements that our team wants to start using. You can read about those at http://java.sun.com/javase/6/webnotes/features.html for example, or the many blog entries that have written about Java 6 specific things.

    I agree 100% with you that Apple is being retarded with their communication. The idiotic NDA on Java, the complete lack of opening up even a simple roadmap.

    And that even though they have been promising us Java 6 since the last two WWDCs. Lame.

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