No SMS functionality in Address Book anymore?

Addres Book under Tiger was able to connect to your phone with bluetooth and then you could simply click on a (mobile) phone number to send SMS messages. This functionality seems to have disapeared completely from Leopard. Lame. 


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  1. kknut on

    Lame Leopard indeed.
    Together with countless other nuisances like this one, for instance the calculator not working, (for me) the dvd player not working, my printer-scanner-copy driver no longer working (without replacement) your upgrade to Leopard should really wait.
    If you’re running tiger and thinking about upgrading to Leopard, DON’T. Wait a couple of months for everyone to get their shit figured out.
    I mean not even the Developer Tools install properly for me on Leopard – get the hint.
    My setup is luckily pretty straight forward. I can’t even imagine running for instance VMWare or Parallels and XP or (lol) Vista. I’m sure things would get really messy then, especially if you want to spend your billable time working not downloading drivers.
    Tiger is hands down the best apple os that I’ve seen. Leopard is for me the worst initial release that apple has done. They released it too soon.
    Just my rambling opinion.

  2. David Brewster on

    I’ve just discovered a neat widget that replaces this much-missed address book functionality. It’s called emitSMS:

  3. Karl-Heinz on

    The function hasn’t disappeared completely! View Content of Address Book and take a look with Interface Builder on ABWindow. The button is still there but without a function. You can deactivate the hidden attribute. I think it’s ridiculous. What’s the reason to deactivate the function. Do they earn more when pushing skype?

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