Java Applications and Spaces don’t work well together

Spaces is great. Except that it does not work with Java applications. Try to start IDEA or JConsole and you will notice that command-tabbing to that application will not active the space that it is on. It is also not possible to give Java applications a fixed spaces: you can select for example or in the Spaces Preferences but it will not be added to the ‘Application Assignments’ list. Lame.


4 comments so far

  1. Dan on

    Yeah. my main ide is netbean and I can’t use spaces to hide my adult web viewing quickly when my boss approaches. ahha

  2. Maxim on

    Eclipse works fine at the same time

  3. Emil on

    If you are in one space and try to alt+tab to Zend Studio (which is a java application) it doesn’t work. Neither to click the icon in the dock.

  4. KB on

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